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    pc gaming, hanging out with friends, lans, flying, skydiving, lifting, tennis.
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    Physical therapy tech and tutor.


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    Threadripper 1900x @4.2GHz
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    Asrock x399m Taichi
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    32gb ddr4 Team T-force Delta rgb at 2666Mhz cl 14
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    Evga RTX 2080 sc black edition (liquid cooled) +125/+1000
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    Fractal Design Meshify C Mini Dark TG
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    1TB Adata XPG sx 8200 pro + 500GB Sandisk Ultra + 2x 2TB 2.5 inch Seagate Firecuda SSHD
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    Corsair rm850x
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    34" Acer ED347CKR, 55" TCL 55r613
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    EKWB RTX 2080+ti classic rgb nickle gpu block, Watercool Heatkiller IV pro tr4, XSPC ex280, XSPC ex240, 2x Corsair ll140 RGB, 3x Corsair ll120 RGB, Watercool d5 vario, cheapo acrylic reservoir
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    Corsair k70 mk.2 special edition
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    Logitech g203
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    Sennheiser hd6xx, Koss esp 95x, Hyperx cloud 1st Gen, Neewer nw7000, Schiit magni/modi 3 stack
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    Windows 10 pro
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    Acer Spin 5 13" i5 8250u 8gb ddr4.

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  1. So I was searching for argb strips on amazon and came across this wonderful page... I was thinking that somehow it was just a page problem but apparently on their official store, all but three of their case accessories show up as Crayola. 10/10 would be confused again. https://www.amazon.com/stores/page/A70ED8E1-3AAD-4B11-8273-838AAA5469E7?ingress=2&visitId=ccd7969b-886d-41e4-8949-4164a3ec4b39&ref_=ast_bln
  2. Hmmmm. I'm probably going to have to say that for me it's a solar charging battery bank that I got for my birthday from my girlfriends parents. It would take so long to recharge it using just solar that it isn't worth it to do so, but since it's so bright in my room during the day, I can just leave it on my desk and then I never have to worry about it losing charge as it's constantly being topped off.
  3. Yeah. I think you'd be hard pressed to find a better value overall. Also it's nice only having one single thing on your desk instead of two with cables connecting them.
  4. So, a very simplified version is that, for the most part, anything that has a signal to noise ratio of over 96db will be good enough to play back everything that a 16 bit music file has to offer. This is "cd quality" and is probably what you should be aiming for. 24 bit is really useful for if you want to use digital volume control like the windows volume to control the output volume since you won't lose data until a very low volume. Crosstalk is more or less the amount of noise that will leak from one channel of the headphone to the other unintentionally. -67db is a pretty fine n
  5. I haven't been able to find any direct comparisons either. However I was able to find JDS's spec sheet for the original one and if they were as honest back then as they are now then it looks like it will still be competitive today. The element 1: https://blog.jdslabs.com/2015/06/introducing-the-element-by-jds-labs/ The element 2: https://jdslabs.com/product/element-ii/ There are some good comments on this thread about the v1 vs v2: https://blog.jdslabs.com/2019/11/jds-labs-element-ii-official-release-benchmarks/
  6. The element 1 looks like a really good deal but it doesn't have optical input. The topping dx3 pro v2 is a great combo unit as well but what worries me is that they boosted the output impedance from the v1 so it's now 10 ohms. From looking at the phase measurements of the k712, it looks like that may make it sharp.
  7. Ah that's unfortunate. And yes that is a pretty good combo. But if you have to have optical in then it might be worth it to go for the d30 and wait or to see if the modi 3 will come back in stock.
  8. Do you need optical in? If not then the Topping d10 is a good dac otherwise. The JDS labs atom is incredible and I would probably go with that, a magni heresy, or an objective 2. I personally use the Schiit modi/magni 3 stack and, while I find that the magni 3 actually has too much power, the dac is amazing. I don't know how pricing would work out for you but you could also always try something from Massdrop. They have their objective 2 amp and grace sdac which is also a very good combination that, at least in the states, is cheaper than a schiit stack.
  9. If you never want to overclock then the 3600x could be worth it. If you think you might upgrade to something better within the next year or so, feel like you might overclock the processor yourself, or are running a gpu lesser than probably an rtx 2060 super then the 3600 could be more worth it. The way Linus does it is to take the difference in prices between what your entire computer setup would be with and without the more expensive chip and see if the percentage difference is similar to how much more percentage wise you'd be spending extra. ie: let's say that your entire setup w
  10. In this game in particular I haven't seen a compelling reason not to use dx12. Maybe it'd make a difference on a dual core
  11. Until I just read that I had completely accepted that they would just thermal throttle and not that they would only run at pcie 3.0 speeds... I think it's time for me to go to bed.
  12. Just to put in my two cents as someone with a clc tr4 build, the only time I've ever had a leak in any of my clc builds had been when I cross threaded a fitting into an ek acrylic block but I immediately felt the cross threading and I decided to try it out anyways after threading it correctly. Long story short I ended up getting a copper/nickle block top and I've never had any issues in this department since with soft tubing.
  13. Decided to go big or go home. Brought my girlfriend along so I built a micro atx Threadripper 1900x system with 32GB of ddr4 that I split into two gaming vm's using Unraid. My half of the system gets an rtx 2080 and her half gets an rx 480.
  14. Yeah you are really close to a 7700K which should even be better in games for you.
  15. Yes because it will turbo higher than usual since you're allowing it to not power throttle as much.