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Low GPU Usage and Low FPS (Only in Overwatch)


Hi, I've discovered an issue with Overwatch and/or my GPU. I have a 1070 ti and maxed out the settings. I have a 144hz 1080p monitor. When running Overwatch, the GPU is only at about 30% usage. I get about 100-125 FPS. 


I played around with some clock settings with no luck. Looked around online and found an issue but it only seemed to effect those with Windows 8 but I have Windows 10. 


Some other odd things: the Asus monitoring software shows the clock speed at where I set the overclock for. In Task Manager, the 30% usage isn't tied to Overwatch, instead it's under Windows Desktop Manager. With other games, the GPU runs at 100% easily. I also have experienced weird issues with task manager and my mouse concerning Overwatch. For example, if I tab-out of the game to look at Task Manager, I have difficulty moving the mouse, it's like its stuck in the middle of the screen. 


I feel like I could be getting way better FPS. How do I get my GPU to run at 100%?



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