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Quick Question about ballpark estimate


Hello All,


I was wondering about what ballpark figure it would cost during? I never been to Canada or Vancouver for that matter. I am a yearly attendee for SDCC , so I know there's a few costs during such as food and hotel. I've followed LTT over the years and would be cool to meet the team. Thanks in advance.



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Where are you coming from?

A Hostel at Cambie in Gas Town would be $35, food could be free at any of the numerous bum shelters and outreach joints, heck even a foam mat would be free too. Next would be camping, either in a campground, or free in Stanley Park not too far away. Next up from that are shitty crack smelling motels probably $60/night at Patricia Hotel. Close to the evening ladies/other. Hostel Internation and Samsun are cheap hostels. Best Western by the beach would be $100-$150. There are no more bus service in Western Canada from Greyhound, but if you can get to Seattle there is a bus service to Van. Food can vary, lots of grocery stores around, you could do $20-$25/day. https://globalnews.ca/news/3829068/low-cost-airlines-canada/

Flair, West Jet, Wow Air, Swoop Air, Primera, Jetlines

Air Canada






Also there is a Ferry from Seattle to Victoria on the island, then take the city transit bus for 2 hours to Swartz Bay, then another 2-3 hr Ferry ride to Twanssewanananewsa port, another city bus to city train station. Its not that hard to do, nor figure out how to do. Bus drivers know everything. Not sure of Ferry cost from USA to Canada, but bus fare would be $5 total, plus Ferry ride is $10.


$100 buckaroons it looks like, round trip.

Very nice scenery, I'd suggest you do it.

Or $30 one way by bus.


Ferry rides are awesome.

When you arrive in Vancouver, its not good because there are so many people rushing around. Just so many friggin people!


If you make a trip of it, do Victoria to relax, then jump into the fire known as  Vancouver, and end on Seattle. Much nicer experience!


There will be warm weather, so if you dont want to spend a lot of money, its easy to save!


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