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Why is this 1080ti more expensive but weaker than this 1080ti model?


I just bought a used asus strix rog 1080ti but it has default clock speed 1493 Mhz Memory 1376 Boost 1607 Mhz for my new rig.


 But my old rig 1080ti inno Ichill X3 with x62 kraken has  much higher gpu clock 1569 mhz 1426 mhz memory and much higher boost speed.



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Not entirely sure what you're asking in this thread,


I think what i'm hearing is:

why is this new Asus strix card not clocking as high as my ichill cards with custom 280mm AIO cooler on it.


well, GPU boost 3.0 automatically clocks your card to the maximum it can given the restrictions in place, those restrictions include:


power consumption

factory overclock (if not manually overclocking)

silicon lottery, the quality/perfectness of the individual chip


your ichill card has at least 1 large extra in it's favor but may also have others.


1: the 280mm AIO cooler will provide better cooling than the strix cooler, a cooler chip temperature will allow the card to automatically boost it's clock speeds higher


2: the AIO does not likely draw power from the card itself(motherboard instead i'm guessing), this means that there is more power for the ichill(though a small amount of power), because Nvidia cards monitor Whole Card power draw not just chip power draw(the asus card is powering fans off the card(thus lowering the amount of power left for the chip) and the ichill is not)


3: The ichill card may(i've not checked this) come with a slightly higher factory applied base and boost clocking settings

EDIT: after reviewing the above pictures closer, the ichill card does in fact appear to have higher factory core and memory clocks (1569 vs 1473 core and 1436 vs 1376 memory, this does not mean it is a better manual overclocker per say, it just means ichill was more agressive in the factory settings)


4: it's possible but unknown without further investigation, that the ichill chip may be a minutely more efficient chip/better overclocker


the above: cooler temps, lower accessory power draw, possible higher base clocks, possible silicon lottery, GPU boost 3.0


these add up to the 5 most probable reasons why you're seeing different clock speeds without you applying any overclock the cards yourself.






recommendation: in afterburner move the power limit slider fully to the right, add 100 to the core clock and memory clock, then run firestrike or ungine valley/heaven and watch what each cards clocks/temps do


also: unlock voltage control in the settings of afterburner and add 20-50 to the slider for possibly even more clockspeed.

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