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  1. It's like 3,499 a year. I only want to use it for 10 hours to finish my roject,
  2. So i'm using a rendering software free -trial that only last 6 hours. I can use this program to change my serial https://sourceforge.net/projects/hwid-changer/ But I have to restart my pc in order to continue with free trial again. But that way I lose all my 6 hours progress. Just wanted to know if there is anyway to change pc identification every 6 hours?
  3. I'm offering a cheap online top-up service that requires logging in several time a day and it's very painful to solve this google reCAPTCHA , sometime it let me just check the box and login, but most of the time I have to solve the captcha. It's quite annoying that i have to solve it several time a day, I wish I can remove it from this website. https://www.gnjoy.in.th/Account/Login
  4. Thanks for the reply, i just fixed the problem, someone just told me to use external virtual driver and its now fixed
  5. I'm totally noob to Hyper V(Day 1) so I just created a windows 10 guest and cloned it, the original guest has internet connection but the cloned doesn't. I use default virtual switch with no modification, everything is set to default. I checked mac address of the cloned guest, it's different than the original one. So what's causing the no internet issue here?
  6. I have heard that that this model has 14 and 16 CU version. Which 16 CU version has about 10-11% more graphical power. . Now I own Asus Rog Strix RX 560 04G Gaming, It makes me wonder where I can find a list of RX 560 that tells which are 14CU and 16CU version.
  7. I have 3 computers running 24/7. My main computer sits in my living room and I connect the other two via Remote Desktop Connection that is built in Windows 10. Those two computers are running on 1080 TI and I feel that they are a bit overpowered for the use, which I use those machine for vmware virtualization. My question is, If I unplug the monitors off those 2 computers and remove graphic cards. Will I be able to connect to those pc using remote desktop?
  8. Hi, Im working on my project which requires tons of system resource, and I have to turn off as many things as possible. I do not need to use sound from my computer, if I turn off everything related to sound will it reduce load on my computer? I'm currently using Windows 7, I'have unplugged my speaker and disable sound card. What else do I need to do?
  9. Could you give me the explaination why 2 sticks is better than 4 sticks?
  10. Im bulding a new Pc with I7 4790K with 16 gb of ram. Should I buy 8x2 or 4x4 gb of ram?
  11. Cryorig C1 is more expensive than H7 it's also' flat and smaller just wanted to know if it performs better than H7 Does anybody know temp difference between these 2? I will put it on my I7 4790K.
  12. Will soaking my entire motherboard and gpu in 99.99% isopropyl alcohol damage it? to be honest Im not sure if it spilled on my motherboard too. I have 3 gallon of 99.99% isopropyl alcohol.
  13. So my son dropped coconut milk all over my pc last night and didnt tell me while i was sleeping, It was painful to watch because my 1080ti was sitting on my 750D case and milk starts slipping through dust filter and reach my GPU backplate. Luckily my pc wasnt running, I noticed that there were a little bit of sticky syrup stains on PCB near SLI slots and area near SLI slots too. Will my 1080ti explode if I turn it on? I dont think I can clean it off PCB with dry tissue, it was already difficult cleaning the stain off the backplate using tissue paper and water. I dont