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Channel Super Fun Combat Robots


I saw a video a little while back saying CSF had a budget but no one interested in projects. 

LTT has all the resources, tools, and more to build small combat robots, and there are events all over the place for small weight classes. I thought it would be a fun idea for the channel, and it's something that could bring more than one video, build logs, events, updates/upgrades etc, and It would be something where LMG creativity could really be shown off/put to the test. It's not an elite sport where everyone always brings perfect refined high engineered machines, people enter robots as jokes all the time so the entry requirements are low, a remote control and a dream really.

Just something I was thinking about sitting on the toilet watching Antweight (1lb) and Beetleweight (3lb) competitions. 

Anyone else think it would be cool to see an LTT robot?

Example of what I'm talking about:


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