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VA Panels

A Shiny Bidoof

I'm looking to upgrade my monitor to a 1440 144hz display which i should be able to hit 100+ frames on some games with a 1080ti and i7 8700k. I was looking at possible Acer and Asus lines which are some what affordable. But then I came across the Acer Predator Z321QU bmiphzx. It is a curved 2k 144hz display with G-Sync and a VA panel. It advertises a 4ms GTG response time similar to its IPS counter part. With this monitor being relativley cheaper than its IPS and TN counterparts is the response time really that good or will it just turn out as bad as VA panels are expected to be when it comes to gaming?

Side question:Does upscaling a game i.e. using 1080p res on a 1440p monitor have any affect on the game itself such as higher response times, input lag, etc.?

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For gaming TN is the fastest, VA in the middle and IPS is the worse.

But for picture quality you could reverse the order.

So to be safe, VA is the middle ground.

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31 minutes ago, SupaKomputa said:

VA in the middle and IPS is the worse.

Switch those two around.


Still a good choice though.

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4 minutes ago, LukeSavenije said:

Va is about the same as ips, but with better whites and worse blacks

Doesn't VA have better blacks than IPS?

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9 minutes ago, Pasi123 said:

Doesn't VA have better blacks than IPS?

Yeah, must have turned that around by accident. My bad

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@A Shiny Bidoof


VA is imo the least worst of the 3 LCD panel types.

(dont get me wrong LCD sucks in general ,but still)


Ignore manufactuer stated resposne times. They are always incorrect, or at the very least dont explain what measurment they are taking.


You will need to find a reviewer that does a proper pixel response test and check the full range of times the results show. Then compare them against other monitors that reviewer has reviewed to get an idea of what ur looking at.

To give you an idea of how usless the manufactuer stated resposne times are, you should know that many reviewers list out a whole range of response time figures. Such as the 0-80% and 80-0% transition times, the the 80-100% and 100-80% times ..0-20% .. 0-50% etc etc. The times can be anywhere from 1 ms to 20 ms, and will always be different to what the manufacuter states. And each manufacuter will use a different method and choose a diferent specific measurment to advertise.

So do please ignroe them


That said. VA panels is, imo, the least worst in terms of picture quality, but do have some of the slowest pixel reposne times, which can cause ghosting/bluring. So you need to find one which has been properly tested and check those pixel times.


Dont worry about input lag, very few monitors, especialy gaming orientated ones, will have input lag figures high enough to worry about. That and manufactuers dont actualy specifiy input lag figures. (reponse time is not input lag/latency)


TN have horrible colors and color shifting, and IPS has horrible IPS glow ontop of the usual backlight bleed common across all LCD panel types, epsiecialy in monitors as they seem to have a more lax QA in regards to BLB vs TV's.

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