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Alex Dim

Logitech g231 mic too quiet and has static noise

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I will start from the beginning and give as much information as i can. I had g230 for 3 years and the mic on that headset was quiet and had static noise, whenever i tried to raise the db from 0 to 10db the static was even louder. After it broke i bought the g231 hoping that it wouldn't have that kind of a problem but i was wrong. Once i plugged it in and opened voice recorder on windows 10 the problem was the same, microphone is 100 and boost is 0db. I have an asus h110m-a/m.2 motherboard, also something that i forgot to mention is when i used the g230 on another pc, it had the same problem but when i used it on a laptop of a friend with 100 microphone and +20db boost, the sound coming from the mic was very clear without the static noise, same goes for the g231 too. I don't understand, is it my motherboard's problem? How can i fix it? Thanks in advance.

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sounds like (no pun intended) interference on the motherboard's DAC. You can get an external DAC or switch to a USB headset

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Hey, I was wondering if you purchased that external DAC and if it helped you in anyway as I currently have a g231 and am experiencing a static noise in my microphone. Thanks.

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