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HELP: Make SSD an OS Installer

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Posted · Original PosterOP



First off, this is my first post and I'm not sure where to put this. I figured this was as good a place as any.


My goal is to make my extra small 80gb ssd that i have laying around into a bootable drive to install future fresh installs of windows (or any OS) on, kinda like a USB drive, but with the SSD.


I have searched on google, but no matter how many "specific" searches, keywords, or anything that I use... all the links are troubleshooting why an ssd isn't booting into windows -_-


Has nobody bothered to make an SSD into a faster equivalent of a USB boot drive.


So, how do you do this? Make the SSD a boot drive like a USB drive? 


     Best, Michael. 

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not sure what you're asking ...


Are you asking;

"how to turn an SSD into a USB OS installer"


"how to make an SSD my boot drive"




Also, you thread should go here;



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Posted · Original PosterOP

Thanks I'll remove it and post it there. I was looking for turning the SSD into an OS Installer

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I guess do it the same way as an USB boot drive and then connect it to PC. boot from bios on the SSD and in Windows installation just pick another drive as the drive you want to install OS on. 


Nothing else comes to mind. It shouldnt be any different as normal USB.

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have you tried using an external enclosure to connect the ssd and use something like rufus, unetbootin or even the media creation tool to install a windows iso on the external drive?

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the rule of thumb is that non-flash media can't boot from USB - there are some exceptions with mobos that have special options added to the boot list


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Posted · Original PosterOP

I haven't done any testing at all yet. All I know is that rufus and programs like it only shoot removable media as possible targets to make bootable.


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