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    Xeon E3 1231v3
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    ASUS Z97 AR
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    16GB Corsair Vengeance Pro 2133MHz
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    XFX RX480 GTR
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    NZXT S340E
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    Samsung PM 961 , 250GB OCZ Vertex 460 (240GB) x2 , WD Black 2TB, WD Green 2TB
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    Corsair RM 750X
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    LG 29UM68-P
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    bequiet! Dark Rock 3
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    Logitech G613
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    Logitech G602
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    Audio Technica ATHM50X
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    Win 10 Pro

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  1. you are right, i didn't think about that it even says NTFS (Default) in the dropdown. but now that i think of it, i installed a fresh copy of pro on another pc just yesterday and it defaulted to REFS on that one
  2. so i have "regular" win 10 pro and i just noticed i can format drives with REFS?
  3. i really think they listened to the complaints about watch dogs 1 on pc. the list of "improvements" seems very comprehensive and if everything will be implemented as it is stated here this could be an excellent pc version. *fingers crossed*
  4. have you tried using an external enclosure to connect the ssd and use something like rufus, unetbootin or even the media creation tool to install a windows iso on the external drive?
  5. any of these should be fine except for the gigabyte model. i had it and it was a nightmare
  6. i had the same problem with the exact same card, i managed to return it (6 months between purchase and that decision) and simply bought the sapphire model from the same store. im happy i did it, as the sapphire model is much better in both noise and temperature. things to consider when getting the sapphire though are that it uses 2 8 pin connectors instead of 1 8 pin and 1 6 pin like the gigabyte one, also it is alot longer and heavier
  7. other than loose connection to mobo/psu, i have no idea what that could mean
  8. try deleting all volumes on a linux based os, use something like a ubuntu live cd, they have gparted included, from personal experience dealing with drives that have fucked up partitions or whatnot, windows just doesnt cut it to fix it
  9. try to format it? maybe in another pc if it fails in this one?
  10. with gedosato the first one is totally playable, have played 40hrs of it on pc even though i played through it on ps3 years ago, im going to play the second one while im waiting for this one to download, for the price all 3 are a very nice deal IMO
  11. r9 390 with this bug here, played ac syndicate and was surprised the card was so silent, alt tabbed to check temp, 95°C with fans at 30%, got crimson on an htpc with a 280x and it has yet to happen on that one i think.
  12. http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-DS4-To-XInput-Wrapper every game that accepts only xbox controllers will work with this tool
  13. picked it up via a key selling site (19€ total) have played for about an hour, seems fun, runs 60fps with vsync and max settings (totally did not expect that, even though everyone claimed it was well optimized) i kinda dislike the control layout on a console controller, have yet to try kb +m. the world seems nicely done and car driving + combat seem very nice.