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I can't install windows 10 to my new samsung ssd.

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So it completes the instalation right ?...

You could flash the mobo with any updates but that may not help.

My reccomedation is to try and check if u can instal any distro of linux such as Ubuntu or kali....

Linux is technically easier to install if u download it and just keep clicking yes it should go through.

If it does not write to the SSD then there maybe a data corruption issue or something(Im guessing)

Ask for an RMA, if it does write then you know that there is an error with either the copy of windows you aqquired or the mobo.( Just guessing again)


Thats my advice.

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Check what your boot devices are. I had this with the Z170 MSI M7, I had to change the boot priority to "windows boot manager" as the first device. Alternatively if you default the boot setup to UEFI only, that should sort it - think theres some gremlins with legacy boot and windows 10.

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