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Constantly getting a ton of PUPs and no idea why

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So I woke up today, got onto my computer, talked to my friends.


And suddenly I'm getting a bunch of installers, so I ran MalwareBytes in safe mode




hol-y-shit I didn't even download anything and I have 400 viruses


After the scan was complete, I quarantined and rebooted. was working good for a bit and then I started getting a bunch of installer popups again.


Is it twitter? Twitter seems to be a mess, and I had to reset my password 3 times in less than a month.

why do so many good cases only come in black and white

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I would almost say that from those 400 very few or none are actual virus detections. Most are random crap, keyloggers, trojans and other fairly harmless but annoying as hell stuff. The popups... uninstall any browser extensions you aren't sure of, and check what software has been installed lately. Some bloatware may have got through visual scan (eyes).

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