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UPS (power supply not delivery service) question

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so im graduating saturday and im moving into a friends house for about a month until i can afford to move out and support myself. the room i will be staying in is very small and only has one pair of outlets. I have a pretty beastly machine(if i do say so myself) and 3 monitors that load plus external speakers and a 5000 BTU air conditioner is going to be a lot for those two outlets to handle off of just a little surge protector. Would a ups (this one in particular http://www.amazon.com/CyberPower-CP850PFCLCD-Sinewave-Compatible-Mini-Tower/dp/B00429N18S/ref=sr_1_2?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1400099651&sr=1-2&keywords=pure+sine+wave+ups) help out at all in this situation? I want to make sure im not overloading their house and at the same time deliver clean power from their very old electrical system. so im not looking for a battery back up as much as im looking to not burn down their house. another question, this model outputs a pure sine wave, a less expensive model outpurs a simulated sine wave, i know some power supply wont work if the wave is too distorted, my infos in the signature but i want to be sure my platnum cert psu will operate on a simulated sine wave.

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You would be better off sticking with the pure wave one, less problems.


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I have the 1000 watt version of this and its come in handy multiple times. However I don't think it will do any more than protect your rig if you do trip a breaker with all of that. Honestly if it were me I would run everything but the ac for sake of fire hazard and damage to my rig. One last thing even though you have a 1200W psu that doesn't mean its always drawing that much power and if you are running either lcd or led monitors they also take up alot less power than you would think.

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Don't run a AC unit and a PC off the same outlet. That outlet is at the most 20 amps, most are only 15 amps or if its an older structure even less. So lets say your PC is 700w to find amps (700/110=6.36amps) + 5000BTU AC Unit (4.8 amps) both are 11.36 amps together so if your receptacle is only 15 amps and your are going to have more than just a PC and AC unit on it might be to much. You also have to check the breaker box however most breakers are going to be 30 amps and above. You could probably get by with it but everytime that AC unit either kicks on or off your going to get a small surge and your PC might not be drawing a steady amount of power (Causes Instability). The UPS is going to clean and "Straighten" (for lack of a better word) the power and keep it even and surge free but i still wouldnt do it.



Ill post pics of a 15 amp and 20 amp receptacle. You can tell the difference of amps in a outlet by the line in the longer or the "Neutral Plug". Also ill show how to tell amperage of breakers, Its the number on the lever. (In this case 20 amps)




15A:06f3809b-a358-4bce-825c-2f53e272ce7b_400 No Extension off the longer slot


20A:39d20c06-bc61-456f-b46b-0cc674fdd19f_400This slot makes a "T"

Breaker: double%20breaker.jpg  20A Circuit Breaker  

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