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Need Ideas to upgrade 8 Year old PC

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So, the time has finally come for me to upgrade my computer with the new GTX 3080 coming out. Was looking for recommendation on a SMALLER case that would fit on a desk and keep most of my hardware (open to buy some new stuff but not go crazy). Any other recommendations on upgrades are greatly appreciated.



Power Supply-NEX 750G

 MEM- Furry Hyper X- 4 sticks-32G

 CPU I7-4790k

 Motherboard-Maximus VII Hero

 CPU Cooler- Notua NH-D15

right now i have a corsair C70 case which is massive

and I have a ASUS PCE-AC68 to connect to wifi


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most importantly, what is the target pairing monitor?

you could get a 3080 staight away

then upgrade cpu set when the time has come

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You would probably get the most out of upgrading your motherboard, cpu, and ram in one go so that you're not bottlenecking the 3080.


The 3080 is also not the best option for 1080p. You're probably going to get more for your dollar going with a 3070.

I should be writing papers...

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