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H100 v2 clean up n refill

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So this all started when I got this h100i v2 on the cheap. Not realizing that the previous ownern had tried to get into it. I slapped it in. The temp were so bad the system would thermal shut down. 


So that when I pulled it off and found screws where stripped on the cold plate. With some extra effort I managed to get them off. Damn the thing was nasty also quit low on liquid.










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Posted · Original PosterOP

Got the cold plate cleaned up with toothpaste. Everything else just some scubbing with a brush and rinsing. Fortunately the rad seemed clean. very little came out on the first rinse.


Also many may not know the pump perpeller does come out. It just a magnet that holds it in. Grime does get under it.





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Posted · Original PosterOP

Refilling wasn't hard at all. Just fill from the bottom. If you think its full it's not you should have no sound when shaking  the rad. If you hear anything there's air in there. Just have to keep shaking the crap out of it. I refilled with primochill utopia and distilled water as it was on hand. Many would say to us PG but after some extra research it should be fine.

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