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Windows 10 Slow Loading

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So I tried searching this but couldn't find anything or am overlooking it or maybe not searching the right way. So I just finished my first build in maybe over a decade and I have Windows 10 pro 64 bit and my system boots up super fast from full power down to the log in screen once I enter my password to log on it logs in right away. But then it seems to take forever to allow me to do anything from here for maybe a total of 5 mins give or take. I can open edge with no problems but it seems like all other apps take forever to load up. Say I try to open nvidia control panel or even the system settings from the start menu it will not open until the system is done fully loading I guess. So when I open "THIS PC" I notice that my E drive will no show the free space or capacity nor the fill bar will show. If I bring up my task manager and click on performance I can see my CPU,Memory,GPU,Ethernet, and only my F drive the other 3 drives will not show. But if I wait the approximate 5 mins or so then I can see my CPU,Memory,GPU,Ethernet and all drives C D E & F and at this point the system seems to be in a more stable state and will open any given app with no issues what so ever. I've never had this issue happen before and I cannot seem to figure out what the deal is. I am assuming its a OS issue or setting that I cannot figure out I have not changed any settings in the OS either to make this issue occur but with some guidance maybe I can change a OS setting to make this stop happening. Now one thing I will say is the system never crashes or does anything crazy after this 5 min waiting period I can play games normally which is what I do mostly, but I do browse the net and watching netflix or disney stuff like that everything after the initial start up is smooth as smooth can be. If there is anything I can do to fix this PLEASE help me. THANK YOU in advanced. 


Z390 Pro Gigabyte Aorus Pro

i9 9900K factory never been OC'd

32gb corsair dominator platinum 3200mhz XMP enabled

NVIDIA RTX 2080 Super FE factory never been OC'd

2  NVME M.2 Western Digital Black

2 SSD Western Digital Blue


Also I have 8 fans  5 intake and 3 exhaust in the system temps on all components stay well within operating norms nothing gets even close to temp throttling the system.  



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It could be an issue with the drive and windows just having some kind of freak out. If you haven't checked your startup programs I would recommend disabling any that have a high impact on startup. If not it could just be a window's thing that might only be fixed by a full reinstall. (try a different drive with windows on it to see if you get the same issue if you can)

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Thanks I'll give the full reinstall a shot, because I don't believe it's an issue with the start up programs only 11 apps are in my start up and all are disabled on start up minus 4 which are enabled the ones that are enabled on start up are icue (high), realtek HD audio  universal service (low), vanguard tray notification (low), windows security notification (medium). everything else in start up is disabled. So it may just be an issue with Windows.  

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Sounds like one of your HDD's are starting to fail.
CrystalDiskInfo (google is your friend) is a useful tool to determine if one of your drives are causing issues.
This tool will check the SMART status of your drives and alert you if there is a problem.

Favorite hardware: Logi MX KEYS,  Audi S3, Renova Zero.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

JayEee ive used CrystalDiskInfo and everything is fine, the drives are healthy and running to spec. Additionally I have the western digital disk management software installed to check drive health and monitor performance and everything is running fine according to that app as well. windows defrag and optimize drives is also showing no issues, as well as widnows disk management Ive seen no issues software wise with any of the disks. The only time I seem to have an issue with the disks is when i first boot up the machine or when I wake the machine from sleep when I do either of these two I'll open the task manager and notice under performance that the only drive that is visible is my F drive  my C D or E drive are not visible at this time and that is when I am unable to open certain programs without getting hit with the "NOT RESPONDING" if I wait and allow all drives to be visible in task manager I am free to open anything I want without any issues. 

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