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Wiring up the house for Ethernet or Mesh WIFI Network

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi everyone,


I am in the process of buying my first house and have always planned to have ethernet wired up throughout the house. But now I am in the process of things i am wondering if it would be better and easier to use a Mesh WIFI network like ASUS Mesh. I understand that both have there pros and cons, but am looking for peo peoples opinions where they may have considered this themselves. The property itself is a three storey house, if i were to wire the house up for ethernet it would be for the living room and the gaming room. I also run a server for plex and a few other things, not sure if this will have any real impact as it doesn't really now. I stream 4k content off of my plex server. I have never used a Mesh network so i don't really know how much this will really impact stuff like 4k, I assume not very much. Also if i were to use a Mesh network can devices just be plugged into each router using ethernet?


Any advice/opions are much appreciated.


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5 hours ago, Dibble3118 said:

Any advice/opions are much appreciated.

If you're interested in a stable, reliable and the fastest possible connection for all of your connected devices, wire in as much as possible and stick to the traditional router-->switch/AP design. This also helps a lot when you're moving lots of data within the LAN. Since you have the option to set it up properly from the start, I'd suggest you continue with that.


For someone who doesn't have the ability to run cables, the convenience of mesh works. There is no guarantee that you'll take maximum advantage of your internet connection speeds and LAN speeds are now at the hands of unpredictable WiFi. However, there's the convenience of at least having WiFi coverage over a larger area even if the speeds there might not be the fastest possible.


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