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DAIN APP could be used for games?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

so videos have been showing up on my YouTube recommended, about animations that uses AI to reach 60fps. it looks pretty good especially for a program still in development. but I couldn't help thinking, could this be used in games. I understand that TV smoothing does something similar, however that uses the first and second frame to merge into a third frame in-between if I'm not mistaken. and that uses data already outputted by the GPU.


but if you use AI to predict the next frame using the GPU before it outputs anything? this will obviously introduce some lag, cant be more than a few ms, surely and you could possibly get twice the frame rate? worthy trade off in my books(if that's the case). this idea probably wouldn't work to well with fps games, but more 'sight seeing' games where scenery is a major factor and lag isn't a major issue. now another question is, would this take up more GPU power than just running the native frames on their own? maybe not, if its optimized properly, maybe share the load of the program with the CPU somehow?


I really don't have any experience or real knowledge about these kind of things. I'm just spit-balling out of my small brain. feel free to tell me everything in this post is wrong, bc its likely it is. however I'm still curious on other peoples thoughts and knowledge on this subject, do you think something like this is possible or even practical? 

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10 minutes ago, BoggerBoss said:

cant be more than a few ms

DAIN and similar do not run in real-time, so no.

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Posted · Original PosterOP
59 minutes ago, WereCatf said:

DAIN and similar do not run in real-time, so no.

ray tracing never used to run in real time, look it it now. 

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