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Vertical Screen Teraring

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Posted · Original PosterOP



I was playing WoW and noticed that there was a vertical line splitting the image on my screen.

It looked like a screen tearing but instead of horizontal lines it was a single vertical line that would stay on the same spot on the monitor. 

I closed the game and, on the desktop, I dragged a folder across the spot, when it crossed the line it got smaller like there was some pixels missing.

After restarting the PC and monitor it went away, any ideas in what happened?

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No, but it looks like interesting problem. Probably something related to scaling display - in driver settings or monitor settings.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Ok, the issue related on my original post happened again. This time I just turned the monitor off and on again and the line went away.

I din't said on last post but the line appeared right in the center of the panel in both occasions.


By the way the monitor is a ROG SWIFT PG278QR.


Edit: I installed a drivers and windows updates since the last time the issue happened.

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