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Need opinion(z390 d)

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10 hours ago, alihaider741 said:

Curious why you pinged me but. 


10 hours ago, alihaider741 said:

is gigabyte z390 d a good mobo?

i am pairing it with i5 9400f.

do you already have these parts? if not, just don't, it's a more or less a dead platform and  why are you pairing a locked chip with a z series board. (other than ram overclocking, it's a waste of money). 

if you don't already have these parts,  go for either comet lake (like a 10600k and a z490 board) or zen 2 (3600 and a decent b450/550 board), or wait for zen 3.

Fun Fact: The Meshify c is the best case to ever exist.






B550m TuF plus.

Hyper x rgb 8 gig stick. (MJR or CJR  i still don't know lol).

1650 super.







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