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Forza horizon 4 unplayable

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Hello there, I have had Forza Horizon 4 for a while now. As of late it has started lagging like crazy at startup (after I press continue at the first menu (before this point its all normal)) going to the point of me not being able to do anything. Buttons are not clickable and I'm getting about 0.25 fps if not less. This started happening shortly after an update on the 9 of July this year. The part that confuses me is that it was fine the first few times that I launched it. After deleting it off of my system completely and re downloading all 65GB of it earlier today and STILL encountering the issue I was so perplexed that Im now asking for advice on this. It has turned into less of a concern of weather or not I will be able to play Forza on my rig and more into one where I want to make sure that my PC is not just acting up for whatever reason. Every other program that I have runs fine and as expected without any performance loss. The only thing that I could think of is that I installed a GPU driver on my Linux partition (CUDA 11 and CuDNN) for GPU accelerated AI development.


-All help greatly appreciated, thank you.

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No idea on your particular issue, but I can say from experience that FH4 is unfortunately still full of headaches. I've ran it on two different machines and have had all sorts of strange issues with crashing, controllers disconnecting and other random bugs. Most times I searched, there were plenty others with similar issues but no real solutions. Just saying I would suspect the game first if all other programs are running well.  

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