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Gaming Headphone suggestion (wireless, PS4/PC)

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Posted · Original PosterOP

More of a question than anything but also open to suggestion. The question will seem silly maybe, but reviews don't really cover it well.


I see some of the more premium end headphones like Arctis Pro, Astro A40/50, Razer Thresher Ultimate have a stand/dock thing, they have a switch at the back that toggles between PS4 (or Xbox) and PC. Does it mean I can fully plug everything I need to both the PS4 and PC, and all I need to switch between them was that button? To me it seems yes, just want to double check. I don't need audio at the same time, I just want to switch between audio without having to physically plug and unplug, 


Having a set up like that would be very good for me as I want to replace both my PS4 and PC headset, so a solution that plugs both in at once would be make sense and I can justify the cost. Still, are there any other headphone/headset that people can suggest that won't necessarily cost as much? Thanks in advance. 

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