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  1. My issue is that I also need to bump up the PSU too, and will I realistically get my money's worth with a 3080, considering my CPU aren't amazing yet. When you say those games on 60 FPS 4K, what settings are those in? Like ultra or high or medium? Most of the gaming is going to be done on 1080p or 1440p monitor. I just want the option to sometimes play on the bean bag, rather than do all my gaming on the 4K.
  2. Thanks. Another question, why would you choose 3070 over 6800 XT or vice versa? Is it simply price and how much I care about ray tracing? Or is there anything I should really consider?
  3. Availability is fine in my country, can find a 3070 in my country. Budget is not in USD or Euro and prices be gonna be a little weird trying to convert it and then consider the difference in pricing. There is not a "hard" limit on my budget, maybe not 3090 price. I just want something that is all I need and not waste my money on more GPU than I need anyway. It just means I can throw more money on upgrades elsewhere.
  4. I have 2 1080P monitors that I use plus a 4K TV when I want to stream things. I am using a R9 380 that has served me well, but I want more than medium to low settings on just 1080P for modern single player titles. Now, all I want is simple; ability to play games on my 4K TV at high settings (medium is ok for stupidly demanding games) at 60 FPS, or reasonably high FPS on a 1440P monitor at high settings, when i decide to upgrade my monitor too. I am going to upgrade my CPU too, right now is 1700, might grab a 3600. I am leaning towards 3060 Ti or RX 6800, but perfectly happier to g
  5. R9 380 Yep is old. it was carry over from my previous build so the era of GPU and CPU is a little mismatch. My monitor is 1080P anyway, so I didn't need a better one. Also I neglected to say I would be upgrading my monitor to ultrawide QHD as well so hence why I need GPU upgrade.
  6. Hi all, I own a B350 motherboard running 1st gen Ryzen 1700. I really don't do anything other than light gaming on it so it was a kinda of a pointless purchase over a Ryzen 5 of the time, but I digress. I am thinking of upgrading to a 3rd gen Ryzen CPU, looking at the 3600x as I am also planning on getting 3070 (or 3060 or Big Navi equivalent), I would presume for the 3070 my 3 GHz 1700 is going suffer from bottlenecks (if is unlikely let me know). To the question, am I going to miss out on anything that would be significant if I use a 1st gen MoBo for 3rd gen CPU bey
  7. More of a question than anything but also open to suggestion. The question will seem silly maybe, but reviews don't really cover it well. I see some of the more premium end headphones like Arctis Pro, Astro A40/50, Razer Thresher Ultimate have a stand/dock thing, they have a switch at the back that toggles between PS4 (or Xbox) and PC. Does it mean I can fully plug everything I need to both the PS4 and PC, and all I need to switch between them was that button? To me it seems yes, just want to double check. I don't need audio at the same time, I just want to switch between audio wit
  8. Nerdslayer pretty much hit the nail on the head. Charging wireless is the biggest annoyance, as much as people can say is not an big issue, going wired means is not ever an issue. And also, wired are cheaper anyway generally so if you put it another way, it is a feature that won't really matter just as amazing sound quality is not the priority and thus is a waste of money there. The other real issue tech heads don't get is switching between sound sources is actually kinda non-intuitive in Windows for the tech-lay people, plugging in a USB sound device/3.5mm automatically switches
  9. I am just looking to buy some wired headphones for a friend (he wants wired, don't want to deal with wireless). He also said specifically to get budget otherwise he would be compelled to buy a gift back so this could go back and forth until we both bankrupt ourselves. So out of the more common brands like Razer, Logitech, Corsair etc, which of their budget wired headphones has the strongest microphone, which is the primary thing he is looking for. Sound quality is not that important comparatively, while being not in the tight side on the headband is preferred. Also, he is not look
  10. Thanks a lot for the replies guys, very informative. It has convinced me to get the Mesh systems, I presume the triband/dual band applies to all brands, not just Netgear? Cause the Google Nests I see is advertised as dual band; so I basically ignore it now. The Triband part is actually very good to know, I thought it was a bit of a marketing gimmick, I take the cynical approach and just ignore almost everything but the specs, but it appears to be quite important. I guess on one hand, would WiFi 6 final standard really be of a utmost concern if I again keep my router f
  11. Hi all, Just wondering if Wifi 6 is worth the hassle, or should I just be content with a mesh system. I will outline my current situation to give a better idea. The only thing I am certain is that I want a new router. Context Speed: Currently I have a fiber that claims to run 100 Mbps max, but I can pay more to get up to 900 Mbps if I want even more, but currently in a 2 person household with my mother, we are happy with 100 Mbs as all we ever do is stream \ but I do some online gaming on PS4 and PC. My current very old Wireless N router in my room gets me 60 to