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VR Game Purchases

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I recently upgrades my GPU and can finally play VR games with respectable performance with my Oculus quest via Oculus link. H3VR runs great with my new 5700XT, which is impressive because of the amount of physics in that game. I'm now looking at which VR games to pick up next.


First, I already own a copy of Beatsaber for Oculus Quest, and am thinking about buying it for SteamVR. What I wanna know is whether the SteamVR version, with PC hardware performance, and PC specific mods and features, is different enough from the quest version to warrant another purchase of the game. 


Second, I've heard really good things about half life Alyx, and also that playing it on high settings is fairly system Intensive. Right now it's on sale for $45, but I'm planning on eventually upgrading to a Valve Index, which comes with the game for free. I just have no idea when this would be, weeks months or years into the future, so I need to decide whether to buy it now or just get it for free when I upgrade.


I'm also planning on picking up FNAF:VR but I'm not really conflicted on that so not really anything to talk about there.



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