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    Asrock B550 Extreme4
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  1. My main issue with it is the fact that I literally couldn't use it because it can only be installed on the C: drive and mine wasn't big enough to accommodate the install. So I had to delete a game or two from my drive to make room. That and if you want to play using VD, there's additional one time setup you have to do, which totals more than what was required to setup my index, and if you choose to go with a cable, it adds a couple minutes of setup time every time you want to play, during which you have to connect to your pc and load the hub world, all while dealing with Oculus' horrible compr
  2. From what I can tell, this isn't so much memory as is an active memory heatsink manufactured by G.Skill. It's just the blue plates that you clip onto the sides of your regular memory modules, and then the fan is there to cool the fin array which carries heat away from the memory modules via the het pipes. Memory is much more efficient nowadays and active memory cooling isn't really needed nor practical by today's standards. I can't seem to find this exact kit, but there are lots of kits on the internet that let you strap an active heatsink to your memory modules. For instance:
  3. I got a Wraith Prism for my 3600 for the exact same reason. AIOs were expensive and tower coolers were ugly. The Wraith Prism has more than enough TDP rating to cool the 5600x iirc. I'd just recommend buying one from the official AMD Amazon page because if you buy one off ebay like I did and then it fails for some reason, it will be much harder to replace or refund, even if it is a bit more expensive.
  4. The cheapest around is the quest 2, but I have a multitude of personal gripes against that headset. Uncomfortable controllers, the process for setting it up to work with PC is a pain, and the controllers go through AA batteries super fast. I saved for an index and I couldn't love it more. I'd recommend to newcomers the cheapest mainstream HTC headset they can get their hands on, most of the time that's a used OG Vive. If you go with a vive, you can also repurpose the old controllers into makeshift vive trackers should you ever choose to upgrade. Plus, base station tracking will always be super
  5. I recently upgraded to game pass ultimate to get access to all the extra games, but I can't for the life of me install anything from the PC section of game pass. When I try to install games from the Xbox store app that's built into windows 10, the bar appears but never moves, and when you go into your downloads, it says that the download is pending, but the bar never moves. and if you go back to the game page, it acts as though you never even clicked the download button in the first place. Some people said to try installing it directly, but I can't do that because both the app installer direct
  6. I was planning on installing FPSVR for use with a different game at a later date, but I can try it with HLA. My headset is a Valve Index, and my specs are a Ryzen 9 3900X with 32gb 3600CL16 and an RTX 3070. Settings are whatever the default ones are for the game. Another possibility I've found is that my GPU could potentially be running into thermal issues because I bought whatever 3000 card I could find, and this model doesn't have the best cooler, but I haven't done any testing on that yet. I can use HWInfo or some other program to check my temps while ingame, I just haven't gotten around to
  7. I've been having some issues with half life alyx that have been really destroying my enjoyability of the game. It's been leaving me dizzy and nauseous in a way that no other VR game ever has. The list of glitches include having my entire vision turn orange or grey for no reason at random times, and along with this comes my camera being detached from my head position, causing my vision to be stuck in a direction that my head is no longer pointed in, which is very disorienting. Additionally, I occasionally get an instance of severe lag during loading sequences during which one frame of the loadi
  8. Oh. That's actually better of a description than I was hoping to get. Yeah I can definitely live with that, thanks!
  9. I'm gonna rephrase my original question: I want to be able to see my components, and I want to be able to see the RGB. I'm trying to figure out if the tint on the cheaper case is so dark that I won't be able to see them, or if I have to spend the extra money to get the case with the side panel that I'll for sure be able to see everything through.
  10. It's the fractal design meshify S2. the regular glass version is $180 and the tinted version is $110. I can't really get rid of the RGB in my system considering components without lighting in my current rig are very few. I'm looking to upgrade from a meshify C with a regular glass panel into the Meshify S2 for more build space and support for an AIO.
  11. I'm looking to buy a case, and I would prefer the regular tempered glass side panel version, but the tinted tempered glass side panel version is currently on sale for $70 cheaper. Is tint on most cases noticeably dark? If I have a large amount of RGB components in my system, will I still be able to see my internals, or is the tint so dark that I would be better off paying the extra $70 for the regular glass version? I haven't really seen any online comparisons for tinted vs non tinted versions of cases, so I'm not sure how severe the tint is. Any info would help, thanks.
  12. I'm currently running a 4gb RX570 and recently upgrading to a 1440p 170hz monitor. I'm looking to upgrade to a 6800XT but am unsure how much money I should have at the ready for if they come back in stock, and am looking for strategies for picking one up if they happen to appear. Microcenter, where I normally buy hardware, doesn't have any listings on their site at all, so I'm forced to depend on Newegg pricing, all of which is way above MSRP - some entry level cards like the Asus TUF is listed at over $160 more than MSRP, and higher tier cards like the Aorus Master are said to be selling for
  13. I second this. Also keep in mind the extra VRAM of the 6800 might sway you to keep it.
  14. If the thermal paste is that old, then yes, that's most likely the reason for the high temperatures. However, it's not that big of a concern since operating temperatures can reach 100*F before performance is impacted. If you can live with the high temperatures until your new card comes, then that's what I'd recommend doing.