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Replacement GPU fans won't stop running/rattling

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So I've got some issues with my GPU fan which I'm not able to solve by myself and google.

I'm currently running a Gigabyte GTX1080 ti gaming OC (on a gigabyte GA-AB350 AM4 socket MoBo)

Though the GPU fans were getting a bit noisy now and then with rattling sounds, especially under heavier loads.

Maybe because the GPU came out of a mining rig (who knows), i figured the bearings might have been worn out a little.

So I ordered a new set of fans, and according to the type sticker on the back they are identical to the original ones (except for the gigabyte sticker on the front).

I replaced them, stuffed some new  12 W/mK thermal pads of the proper thickness in there and upgraded the cooling paste to a liquid metal from thermal grizzly.

The goal for these replacement/upgrade isn't overclocking, as the GPU is working fine with factory settings.

The reason behind it is to make the card more silent.

However after these replacement/upgrades I'm running into the following problems:


The new GPU fans won't stop spinning at cool temperatures, while the old ones did (I'm sure).

I installed MSI afterburner and set the curves to 0% for temperatures below 60ish degrees celsius.

The fans follow the set curve, however the fans will not turn off at 0%..

So I'm starting to doubt myself.. did i connect the fans to the right connector on the GPU board? (As there were 2 other ones..)


Second is that these new GPU fans rattle even more. Like all the time...

The screws are tight, and the cabling isn't in the way for the blades of the fan...

I read some forum somewhere that they had to put some small piece of cloth (or something) between the gpu fan bracket and the heatsink to fix the issue..

But that sounds a bit... well not as a descent solution...


Did i just pay way too much for a bunch of crap fans or am I just missing some tweaks to make them proper for my liking?

Any help or advice is much appriciated.

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Cant help you with your current Setup but i run a Raijintek Morpheus II heatsink on my GTX 1080 Ti for SILENT Performance even under load. Just paired it with 2 noctua nf-f12 fans and runs like a charm. I set a custom fan curve bound to my GPU temp with my corsair commander pro so the fans get to 800 rpm max under load. Can recommend this Setup for absolute silent operation. Altough it's an expensive solution. You can also try to RMA the fans you ordered and see if new ones have the same issue i guess...

CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X - Motherboard: MSI B450 Tomahawk Max - GPU: Asus GTX 1080 Ti - RAM: 16 GB Crucial Ballistix 3600MHz cl16 - PSU: Corsair RMx 650W - Storage: 500 GB Samsung Evo 850 2,5" + 2 TB Samsung Evo 860 M.2 - Cooling: Noctua NH-D15 (CPU) + Raijintek Morpheus II (GPU) - Case: CoolerMaster Mastercase H500 - Fans: Noctua 2x NF-A20 (Front), 1x NF-A14 (Top back), 1x NF-F12 (Back), 2x NF-A12x15 (GPU) - Soundcard: Asus Xonar Essence STX II - Fan Controller: Corsair Commander Pro - OS: Windows 10 Pro - Monitor: AOC AG352UCG6 Secondary Monitor: AOC 24G2 HDR-Gaming-TV: LG C9 OLED 55" - Mouse: Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro SE Wireless - Keyboard: Corsair K63 Wireless + Lapboard - Headphones: Beyerdynamic DT990 Edition 600 Ohm - Microphone: Antlion ModMic

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not familiar with tearing of that card but my zotac 1070 mini card had a similar problem. But, found out it wasn't the fan. it was a connector for where the fans connected to together vibrating against the shroud.  i just put a piece of foam in there an it stopped.


my card also always had a problem with ramping and never going to silent. later on a bearing went out anyways. so i just zipped tied two 120mm to the heatsink. i connect it them to a motherboard header and offset the fan profile for that header. got way better cooling and when the system is idle the fan are so slow you don't even noticed them.


 @Stahlmann98 mentioned the Raijintek Morpheus II. It is a great solution for your card it will fix your fan noise issue. And you can get an adapted to connect the fans to your gpu header just not sure if you'll have the same problem with your fans not stop spinning.


As for you get ripped off. I'm not sure. Its always a possibility as people pull parts off dead gpus to resell them. part of the reason why i skipped getting replacement fans for my 1070 and zipped tie the 120's on.

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