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Windows 10 Network delay on boot

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I have a very strange issue, fresh install of Windows 10 with all my software installed, and I noticed that it takes a good 20 seconds for the network to connect. It seems like just as all the applications load, the network connects, as if some application is causing a delay


This happens with either the built in Realtek NIC, or my main NIC which is a Mellanox ConnectX3. So I think it rules out hardware. No other PC's on the network have the same problem, so I think that rules out the network. DHCP is from pfSense, and nothing else has a problem. Static IP, same problem, so its not DHCP. I thought it could be STP on the switch, so I turned it off on this port, same issue, so its not STP


I have tried disabling fast boot, no change. Re-installing drivers, no change. Network reset, no change.


Does anyone have any ideas?




I think I have made some progress. Before I didn't even have an ethernet sections Here





I just deleted the driver for the on-board NIC and reinstalled and it showed back up again. But only the on-board NIC shows up, not my main NIC. Doing the same for my main NIC makes no change


Anyone know how I can get "ethernet 2" to show up under "ethernet"?




I just deleted the driver for the Mellanox and installed the driver from the website, and now I have no "ethernet" again. Both NIC's still work file...

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