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Mic sounds awful in Game Bar recordings

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I've been recording let's plays and previously the mic recording has been fine, but in my latest video it totally sucks. The audio sounds tinny and has an underwater quality to it.


I'm using the mic on corsair void elite usb headphones. I've checked the windows setting for voice and it was set to be DVD quality. I've checked the gamebar settings to be 192kb.


I'm uploading the video anyway, because i dont have savegame backups and i don't want a missing episode. When it finishes i'll add links for the bad audio and one that was good before it.


Nothing on my system has changed in the time between recordings.


I don't know what other info you might need to help me so ask and i'll get back to you soon. I'm about to run a D&D session via skype so i'll be busy for a few hours. Hopefully the mic problem doesn't roll over into that too.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

The video where the mic audio sucks balzz:



The video i recorded before the above one where audio is fine:


I want to do another video today, but not if the sound is going to suck.

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