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Nine Tailed Fox

Warhammer Marines

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Don't really follow the story/lore that much but they're pretty much anti-hero right or they actually just absolutely demolish all things evil for good

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Posted · Original PosterOP
31 minutes ago, noxdeouroboros said:

They should feel so, for many Space Marines feel little compassion for those they have sometimes termed "mortals" in comparison to themselves, seeing the very people they were created to protect as little more than obstacles to a more efficient eradication of the Imperium's enemies.

This is an attitude sometimes taken by whole Chapters. They see normal humans as frail, weak creatures given to the follies of temptation, avarice, greed, lust and cowardice -- all emotions they rarely feel, if ever.

Yet there are some Astartes who remember why they were created by the Emperor, who avoid the trap of hubris which the Space Marines are so prone to and which has seduced so many of their number to serve the Ruinous Powers of Chaos. They are the final guardians of Mankind, the saviours of last resort.


guess that explains it

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