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Clean windows install *without* ASUS bloatware

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi all


I have been having some trouble with my machine (any help appreciated: https://bit.ly/2UYFouq ) so I am doing a clean installation of windows. However, last time I did this (when I set up the PC), my motherboard (ASUS Prime X570 P) installed a load of bloatware (e.g. Armoury Crate, to name just one). Is there anyway I can prevent this. I am doing a clean install so I can install software one at a time to work out what may be causing issues. 


Additionally, should I create my boot USB on a computer separate from the one I have been having issues on (i.e., is there a way the issues could be "carried over" onto the clean install), or should I make it on another machine. 



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Hi borotech,


just wanted to check if this clean install helped with the stutters as I am still havin these issues?



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