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Upgrading 10 year old desktop

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I've got a desktop I built 10 years ago and thinking of upgrading, the case is still good, I've got an 850w power supply, a nice SSD, and a GTX 1080. I've had some free time lately 😂 and have been doing some reading on current products, and think I can get away with a new motherboard, processor, and memory for my usage. I've got an Oculus rift and would be doing some 3d design for printing.  I was thinking and ryzen 7 3800 and spending $500-600.  I've been looking at different sites and Newegg combos but curious of the communities thoughts.  I realize this is the easy way out.  Thanks so much!

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The 3700x would honestly be close to the same performance as the 3800x, while saving around 30 bucks. Right there you have around 300 spent, so you have 200 to 300 to spend on the rest. I would, personally, go for this board:


Due to the fact that it's Asus, you're gonna have good quality and customer service.

For RAM, I would either go with 16 gb or, since RAM is dirt cheap right now, 32 gb, options below


32 gb



16 gb



The more RAM, the more future proofed the rig is. 

Best of luck to you on this build!

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