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From junk to well kinda junk

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi, I'm kinda poor homeless guy who doesn't have any money to spare to build a good kinda up to date PC.


I work in small PC Shop (and live there too) that mainly sell second hand part and also fix a pc.


My customer often give me their "broken" component that somehow still running normally albeit some defect that they see as broken. So I collected  the part and build a PC from those "junk" part


Back view


this is the back of the PC, notice that CPU or EPS power cable is too long and there a suspicious shrink tube covered some part. That's because I soldered that part with the cable from other PSU. That goes for PCI-E power connector too, wich is I split 6 pin to 2 x 8 pin.


Is it work? Yeah kinda..

Is it safe (for the component)? Well it's considered broken so what is safe?


I'm lucky to have this case, wich is losing one of the side panel. Yay.


Front view


Nothing can be tell more from this picture aside from those sata and molex cable that I bring out deliberately for harddisk testing purpose or any component that need molex connector for testing purposes.


System drive and motherboard


Yes yes I know it just 64gb. But m.2 ssd is luxury for most people here. And it's enough for my need. And I didn't have any money to buy more, lest some of my client give me their nvme.


My specs

  • Procie intel pentium G 4560
  • MoBo Biostar TB 250-BTC
  • GPU Sapphire nitro RX 570 8gb
  • Ram 2 x 8gb silicon power ddr4 2400
  • PSU uknown brand 600 - 750 watt presumably 80+ gold. Wich is highly unlikely 
  • Disk
  1. 64gb m.2 unknown brand,
  2. 279gb crucial ssd,
  3. Seagate 2TB 50% health,
  4. Seagate 3TB 100% health


And that's it, I plan to upgrade the CPU with i5, 6400 or i5 7500.


Thank you, and I'll try to answer any of your question.


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Posted · Original PosterOP


yay it's on. Hurray, wait one of harddisk is missing. Hmm what's happening here?


Turns out you cannot populate sata 3_1 if you use m.2 ssd. So yeah kinda fixed.


Well what do you think? Is there any better cpu upgrade aside from core i5 6500 or core i5 7400?

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