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My Home Wifi Cuts out but the signal Icon is still there

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I have a regular problems with my home WiFi. My first thoughts are that the problem lies with the Router. To begin with my Broadband is fine for UK standards, its Plusnet fire Optic, 40Mbps Down and 30Mbps Up. 


But my problem is that it sometimes loses connection, the actual signal icon still appears in my task bar as connected but with no internet, it will stop working for less than a minute before it starts again, it will do this between every 30 minutes to every 5 minutes. There are often 4-5 people connected don multiple devices.


I use the router that was provided with my Broadband, Will replacing this fix the problem?



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Maybe before replacing it, get any wifi router [maybe from a friend or co-worker] and set it up accordingly.  See if it too cuts out.  if it does, most likely there is an issue w/ the wifi router your ISP provides; give them a call first & they can reset it on their end; if the issue still continues then yes it should probably be replaced.

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Does the internet connection drop on all devices connected to it?
It’s very frustrating when the internet connection keeps dropping but you can try to restart the router. This simple solution often fixes the problem. It is also good to contact your ISP, maybe they are working on something which causes the drops.


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