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Jared J

Hotkey assign/editing

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Hello all, I am reaching out for some help, regarding hotkey assigning with my new (to me) blue tooth key board. I recently had a head injury and during this recovery, my eyes are having trouble with looking at distance, so i am forced to re-train my brain to look at distances. 


anywho, the new bluetooth keyboard is a used Logitech K760, solar powered board. And I'm really liking it a lot. However, because it is really meant for a Mac, there are a couple buttons that don't do their intended function, Ie. the task view and brightness controls (F4, and F6/F7). I looked into getting a hotkey program, but I'm lacking the skill and time to really understand it. Other than those few keys, all of windows hotkeys and etc work just fine. 


I can easily just ignore the button controls and use the mouse to do everything, but i'd like to know if i can map the three keys to do their function properly. If not, that's okay. Or if there is an easy way i can get it to work well, i can do that with free time i have. However as of now, i cant really look long at my screen. 


also, because the task view is controlled by the touchpad gesture, is there a way I can map that gesture to the key board? My current update of Win 10 doesn't have the ability to change the gesture to the key. I do have gesture editing, but i can't seem to get it working to do the task I want (task view). I can get something similar to the taskview by useing Win+tab, but i'd like to have that action done by the F4 button on the keyboard.



thank you very much!


Also, I dont have any code to attach here. sorry 

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