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  1. Hello, I just built my first PC and I have a used 2070 super. it runs fine and can really pack a hell of a punch. However, under heavier loads when I let a game turn off V-sync and get 300+ FPS, i hear a fuzz come from the GPU. Ive read it could easily be from the PSU. I found an old thread and a tier list for the PSU. Under other forums iv read that the PSU was the culprit (more or else). I understand there will be a fuzz cause of power consumption. I also found my PSU coming in the F of the review of the tier list. I have a EVGA super nova GA 650W. Should i replace the PSU
  2. is the RM 750 a good one to go with to help with this GPU coil whine? I know this threadis old but i just built my PC and i am experiencing this whine
  3. Alrighty, thank you very much. Appreciate the help.
  4. is 130 F about normal? I just want to increase longevity
  5. I just got an SSD, and It's temps are normal, but I want to get a cheap/ good thermal pad. its in a laptop. Whats a good brand/ waht is a good thermal pad should i look for? thanks
  6. Ah, thanks, I understand now. Appreciate it
  7. So, im possibly looking to upgrade my RAM in my Dell Precision Laptop. RIght now, its got 16 GB, at 2400Mhz. However, the board is overclocking it, at 25xx MHz, When Looking at CPU-Z.. So, if it's over clocking the ram, can I buy 2666MHz Ram, so it would be able to run it at 2666MHz. Or, would it act like normal? (like it is now) Im looking at HYPER-X or corsair. If its cheaper to get the faster ram, then I'll just get that. Maybe I am reading the CPU-Z wrong. cause it's showing 2 different frequency. Thanks! Also, I do know m
  8. Hello all, I am reaching out for some help, regarding hotkey assigning with my new (to me) blue tooth key board. I recently had a head injury and during this recovery, my eyes are having trouble with looking at distance, so i am forced to re-train my brain to look at distances. anywho, the new bluetooth keyboard is a used Logitech K760, solar powered board. And I'm really liking it a lot. However, because it is really meant for a Mac, there are a couple buttons that don't do their intended function, Ie. the task view and brightness controls (F4, and F6/F7). I looked into getting a
  9. thought so. But, how Do i Create the install media? thank you
  10. Hello, I am soon to pull the plug to buy my first SSD. I believe the one I am looking at will fit well into my Dell Precision 5520 Laptop. Is there a preference on leaving my HDD as my boot drive, and just use the SSD for files? I would like to have speedy boots again and relax my HDD. Should I have the SSD be my boot drive and my HDD be where I keep the files? If i do use the SSD as my boot drive, how do i go about making it that? I dont want to purchase windows again, because it came with my laptop. Its Windows 10. Also, i would like the process to be as reliable as
  11. Hello all, lately I have been thinking of putting in a "modern" proximity switch in my car. I am wanting it to be like a kill switch. When I enter the car, the switch will activate. When I'm out of the car, the switch will turn off killing the car. My idea is to use it as anti-theft. Does anyone have an idea with may a finger print, prox card, or something like the keyless entry? It's an older car so it should be simple to wire it. But I'm not sure what parts I am gonna need. Thanks
  12. so, can anyone recommend an external SSD? Thanks.
  13. I haven't maxed it, but I want to be able to back up my data without cloud and a also be able to access data without internet and just have extra space in general. I've heard ssds don't have much write cycles. Is it more than hard drives??
  14. Hello, Im a college student and with my birthday coming up, im looking into external memory devices. I am stuck between an SSD or Hard Drive. I am looking at 2-4TB drive, to last me many years, that can take a good daily use with plenty of writes and being shaken around. Thank you.