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Kounthea IM

How to get my Windows 10 Pro run again?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

My laptop run on Windows 10 Pro. I tried Ubuntu on same hard drive and did the Dual Boot Windows 10 Pro-Ubuntu 19.10 run perfectly. I later tried Pop!OS and install it on the partition in which my Ubuntu 19.10 used to be. Now I got the problem. I can only get Pop!OS to run and the there is no more dual boot. Please help... it is urgent.


Thank you,

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Might try a MS recovery USB stick.  Think you need the media creation tool download from MS...install on a USB...then try to do a repair?  Worth a shot anyhow.


Going forward you might want to instead install VirtualBox on your PC...then create virtual machines using different flavors of linux...much safer...and loads of fun ;) 

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1) Make sure Windows is still there in its partition, and PopOS didn't just nuke the whole drive.

2) Find instructions to edit Grub entries, or try a Grub management tool for PopOS - it may just be a matter of re-enabling the windows entry. I don't know exactly the quirks of doing so, though, but a quick search will suggest a few options.

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