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Running 720p on 1080p 21.5' display, how bad can the image be?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I'm thinking of getting a monitor to replace a TV that I'm using as a display for my laptop, as the laptop screen is starting to have some "bleed" effect going on and the TV has backlight issues. Both displays I ran so far were 768p and the new monitor I'm looking at is 21.5' 1080p. The TV can go up to 1080p and most games ran fine, some dipping into 40 fps, but all are turn based undemanding titles so its not too noticable. 

Now I'm just worried how bad would it look if I put some games to 720p on that 21.5' screen? The TV I have now has huge squares visible on any resolution so I dont have any idea how would it look on a screen with higher pixel density.

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I tried this on my 25' monitor, and honestly it looks ok, on a 21.5' should not be  a issue since you are not used to high res

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