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  1. So I have tried to undervolt/underclock my 3060 and have been pretty successful with it, didnt want to do anything too extreme just to reduce temps and power draw, also the coil whine almost disappears, its a thing that has been following this pc from its first iteration. The first image is stock curve with only +500 on the memory, max core boost around 2010MHz under load, and the second is my first attempt on undervolting or underclocking, set to 937mV @ 1860MHz and stable. It does lower the performance a little but not by too much for what I play, and I can still fine tune i
  2. Im trying that right now, the windows logo appeared but its just that, no dots circling like its loading, at least it didnt crash right away.
  3. Im trying to install windows to my new pc and it just keeps bluescreening. I kept my previous PSU, graphics card and sata m.2 drive with the games I have. New are the CPU i5 10400f, AsRock H470 Steel Legend mobo and RAM, also I added a Samsung 970 evo for my new system drive. Everything shows up in BIOS. I have a Linux Mint bootable stick and it wouldnt run it of the usb either, but no crashes just black screen. One thing Im not too sure if it matters where I put the nvme and where the sata m.2, but i think it just wouldnt recognize it if that mattered.
  4. Any decent paste would do if hes ready to take it apart, Ive personally put arctic mx-4 on my rx 480 and it worked absolutely fine, or if he can, unless the warranty void sticker is on then its better sending it back first. And it can more likely be bad contact rather than paste, its a new card the paste cant be that bad. Also it could be just one among many that came out badly assembled or who knows.
  5. 3300X went for a good price and I know its an awesome performer but its unavailable unfortunately. But yeah its worth waiting for a bit more, I really dont want to make a small upgrade it makes no sense. 3600 or 2700 and up it is then.
  6. I might check the used market if anything pops up, people now mostly sell first and second gen parts. So Ill look if the 3600 price comes back down or if I find a good deal on 2700/2700X lets say. 2600 is the cheapest but I dont really see it giving much more than my 1700.
  7. Not sure was it hardware unboxed review or on their site but the frame time was a lot worse than on the 3600 in their testing, average fps wasnt that much different.
  8. 3500X was what I first looked into since its available for a lot cheaper than 3600 and I dont really need the extra threads. Really wanted to get a second opinion since some say 3500X isnt really worth it but it seems to be the best option.
  9. Yeah pretty much what I thought but its kinda easier to get someone elses opinion aswell. Got the 1070 just recently and with 1700 in it I almost get the same performance as with the rx 480… maybe better frame time as it feels smoother but not much more fps. Just want to get something that can run the 1070 nicely.
  10. Currently I have a Ryzen 7 1700 and Im selling it to my friend so I cant really decide what to get now. 3600 isnt available or is waaaay overpriced at the moment so the 3 from the title are the choice now. I have 16gb 3600Mhz ram and a GTX 1070. 2600 is the cheapest option, 3500X (with which I can have my ram at 3600 hopefully as the mobo states for 3000 series, rn 3333 is the most it can go) is about 33$ roughly more and 2700X another 33$ (converted from my currency, and give or take if I find any for cheaper in another shop). I play at 1080p 144Hz panel, so
  11. And the bequiet PSU buzzed silently when off only, other than that they are clear.
  12. With Asrock one it was the Straight Power 11 500w 80+ Gold GPU was RX 480 4gb with one 8 pin Now CX650F 80+ bronze GPU is Gtx 1070 with one 8 and one 6 pin power connector Now and before Ive powered the system without the gpus just to clear that and under load Ive opened the case and checked precisely where the whine is coming from, and its from the vrm area of the motherboard, just before the back IO. Sorry I didnt mention where exactly do I hear the whine.
  13. Gamers nexus did a roundup on best 5700XT. They have among all, charts with temperatures aswell and it varies between models. Also it might be a bad contact between the cooler and the gpu die. Id try to return it or get replaced, 100°C is just too high.
  14. I built a new pc a little while ago, some used some new parts. The motherboard I got (new) was ASRock B450 Steel Legend and under load I noticed a pretty loud coil whine coming from the PC. After some troubleshooting I found out it was the motherboard. Psu also produced some kind of quiet buzzing noise while the pc is completely off, but not when powered on. This week I got a mobo Msi B450 Tomahawk Max, psu and a graphics card (all new). And again same story, the motherboard makes the same whining sound as before but a little less loud. The Cpu Ryzen 7 1700 (a