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Srijan Verma

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    i dont remember
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    ALL kinds of tech, and games
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    why do you want to know?
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    Student, computer engineering


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    Gigabyte Z390 ud
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    G-skill 16gb 3000mhz
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    Galax RTX 2060
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    CM(Not sure about the model number)
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    Samsung 860 1tb
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    CN MWE 550W,230V
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    HP 25x 144hz
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    CM 120mm aio
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    Red Gear Mechanical
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    Logitech G402, Logitech G403
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    Headphones whichever like
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    Windows 10 and Linux
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    HP-pavilion x360 i5-8250u 8th gen with mx130 gpu *gb ram (touch and pen)

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  1. You can use rufus for POP OS with a workaround, first make a linux mint bootable drive (gpt) using rufus after which rufus will recognize it as gpt and will allow you to make pop os live boot
  2. 5 if u include cpu fan and pump headers
  3. Getting the 9900k would be a z390 mobo and there is no upgrade for that, if he gets a z490 or z590 for the 10700k, they would an upgrade path to 11th gen or maybe 12th gen(probably not)
  4. That cpu was and is a beast, but as on current time, it is probably gonna be a bottleneck, the most common situations i think you are gonna face issues is where the game is cpu intensive and not well optimized and you will probably have over all lower frame rate consistency. Some games like Cyberpunk, far cry like to have more core/threads and that might be where it would be a problem
  5. 5600x is 6 core 12t, 10700k is 8core 16t 9900k is 8core 16t(do not buy no upgrade path) what are your needs? 5600x overall has the best gaming performance and the best upgrade path, 10700k has slightly better performance than 9900k, the 5600x is overall the best option for gaming but if you also want to do some multi threaded tasks , you might want a the 10700k. If you could clarify your needs it would be easier to suggest
  6. I'd suggest the RPI os or NOOBS(its the name) since they already come with most things one will ever need.
  7. Check with the manufacturer if the bios is updated, boards manufactured after the 5000s release usually come with updated bios's
  8. @Mr.Moustache as far as i know you need to own the bedrock version of the game and sign up for some game beat.