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monitor profiles.

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Just curious, i am remodelling my office, so i think i will be re purposing my 55 inch 4K tv from my simulator, just to a normal tv, and looking into a different monitor setup..


currently i have a 1440p SR75 Samsung as my main panel, and where thinking of getting 3x1080p 144-165hz IPS monitors for the racing simulator..


i have 4 display outputs on my 1080ti, 2 HDMI 2.0 and 2 DIsplayport 1.2, can i build profiles. so i either have a spanned 3x1080p setup or my 1 display, since this is how i will use them, either simulator, or desktop work, it will be annoying if i need to do this EACH TIME i want to run a few laps on the sim...


but getting a wider perspective, and maybe higher FPS would be nice.

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NVidia Control Panel can do an emulation of bigger/wider display that is actually composed of 3 different ones. Try to do it there.

Purify your Windows 10, don't give Microsoft anything that you don't want to share.


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Tips for folding on laptop:

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