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How to hook up a disk shelf to a HP Proliant Dl360e server? *First server, I’m new, go easy lol*

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Hi all,

I'm looking to add more storage to my server that's full of 4 internal drives. It's an HP Proliant DL360e 1u with 4 hard drive bays.

I'm interested in getting a disk shelf (any recommendations? Does it need to be an HP disk shelf?) How do I hook it up to an HP Proliant DL360e g8 server? Do I just need to get a SAS host bus adapter, and hook it up to the disk shelf with external SAS cables?

Does the SAS Host bus adapter need to be an HP branded one? Or are more PCI ones compatible with an HP DL360e g8?

When the sas cable is connected to the two servers, should I get the same raid controller for the disk shelf? Do raid controllers typically come with a disk shelf? Or is a raid controller needed if I'm using a HBA?

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Please keep the wording/terms as simple as possible. I just built my first server and I'm still pretty dumb on this stuff.


Also, I bought 2 sticks of RAM and none match what is currently in my server. (Here's what I have - https://imgur.com/a/PJPyJ7U) If anyone can help me purchase more it'd be greatly appreciated. Will any ram work as long as it's 10600R speed at 8GB? Shoot me links to recommendations.

Have a great day!


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