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Looking for projector for home theater

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello, I currently have an empty home theater room and am looking to equip it with a projector or large tv. We are currently leaning towards a projector to cover around 80 to 110 inches not really sure about the space to take up but all in all I am looking for your projector recommendations because I don’t know much about them

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the only thing I would recommend is if you never experienced a projector then stop at a bestbuy and just walk into one of their demo rooms that has one.

Projectors are good if you need to pack A LOT of people around one screen. But if you're only expecting maybe 4 -6 people I would highly recommend a large tv instead. 4k Projectors cost several times more than a 4k tv and typically don't look as good , but you trade slight visual quality for the shear size of the image it can make. You also need a lot of darkness in a room to get the most out of a projector while a tv can work during a daylit room just fine

thats my 2cents but theres a ton of projector video on youtube and linus has some too

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As already stated their are trade offs and the ones listed are fairly accurate but to add on, unless you are going to spend a lot of money on a Laser projector (they are awesome) you will also have to expect to replace projector bulbs fairly often if you want to maintain peak brightness. projector bulbs degrade to 50% brightness fairly quickly, as in under 25-50 hours of use.  They will stick around their for some time but peak brightness is something you will not get for long.  along with that Projector bulbs can last for 2000 hours or as little as 500 hours so do all your research before picking a projector.

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