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Help from 0% to 100% how to Start?

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Posted · Original PosterOP


I found some interesting Youtube Videos with interesting Stuff.

I will start with recording some Videos for my own Homepage.

I might buy a Huawei P30 Pro.

To Mount the Phone to an Adapter: https://beastgrip.com/pages/dof-mk2-user-guide

I see the have some Lense to: https://beastgrip.com/collections/shop-now/products/beastgrip-pro-wide-angle-lens-and-fisheye-lens


Also: https://www.dji.com/at/products/professional?site=brandsite&from=nav#camera-stabilizer

Ronin-SC or Ronin-S


So for quick how is the Setup? Better Products available?


From AT. :x

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Why not invest in an actual digital camera?

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What are you looking to record? The prices on those accessories seems steep for what you will really get out of it.  A lens on a Smartphone is only able to do so much as the Phones built in lens isn't actually replaced.  Like when movies or commercials are "Shot on iPhone" they disassemble the phone and completely replace the lens assembly. 

If you are just trying to get your feet wet filming videos, pick up a good phone and try it out without any of that add on stuff.  Try an app that allows you to manually control your settings like, FilmicPro or similar and learn how those things effect your image first.  Then look at adding on to things.  

Plenty of people have made pretty decent content with just a cellphone and a good microphone.  Videos sounding good is more important to the average person than looking good.  

I obsess over making my videos look better all the time but my average viewers are watching my DCI4K videos on a cellphone that probably doesn't even have a 1080p screen.

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18 hours ago, Required said:

I am not Linus and cant afford a Red.

Don't need a Red, and don't need a ton of money.


You need to figure out what you are shooting, what sort of circumstances, and your level of expertise. That will dictate the equipment.


But first, focus on your knowledge and skill; there are videos, books, and courses (both online on Youtube and in class) that can start teaching you the basics.

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