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Help with audio feedback loop from Realtek drivers

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I just finished building my first PC (i3 9100f, gtx1650, Asus Prime b365m) and I can't seem to work out a sound bug I keep having. 

When in discord (and in doing a screen recording) there is an almost complete audio feedback loop of the sound playing through my headset, to the mic input.  So essentially if I have music playing in iTunes and talking to someone in discord, they hear the music perfectly.  I originally thought it might be the mic sensitivity (corsair HS50 3.5mm headset) but when I physically detached the mic from the headset, the system audio kept being picked up by discord as coming from the mic itself.  


From what I can find from a lot of googling on the issue, it seems to be a not uncommon issue with the Realtek drivers in windows 10.  The issue goes away completely when using the stock windows ones, however they sound a lot worse than the Realtek ones unfortunately, not to mention the Realtek driver keeps reinstalling every time I restart.  Ive tried all the settings in the Realtek control panel, and switching to the motherboard 3.5mm inputs instead of the front panel ones, but nothing seems to help.


Thanks so much in advance if anyone has any idea how to fix this!  



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