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Are motherboards m.2 heatsinks enough for pcie 4.0?

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This has probably been asked a lot but i've been wondering because with PCIe 4.0 out, we have seen manufacturers like Corsair, Gigabyte, Sabrent (maybe more soon) put custom heatsinks on their Gen4 NVMes.


Some X570 motherboards (basically all the higher end boards) have huge one piece shields that cover all the m.2 slots which then makes it impossible to use NVMes with custom heatsinks. Are those motherboard heatsinks capable of efficient heat dissipation? Do manufacturers put a significantly larger heatsink because Gen4 NVMes really need the cooling?

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most nvme coolers are total bullshit anyways simply due to the positioning of the m.2 slots.

Its not uncommon to have them positioned between the PCI-E slots which means they will be fully covered by a GPU that is pushing out hot air all the time.


overall this doesnt matter the slightest because these drives only get hot under long sustained high speed file transfers which in the real world doesnt happen very often and is again more of a benchmark thing.

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