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Looking for good CASE Fans

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Posted · Original PosterOP

hey all. the stock fans in my case are starting to make annoying noises. so i need new ones. im buying a new CPU cooler,  2x  200mm front fans and 1 ( or 2? ) 140mm exhaust fan.


since i have a white case, i need white fans ( if possible ). so no noctua or be quiet im afraid. atleast for CPU or intake. for exhaust i could probably get a away with a black be quiet fan.

anyway, here is my case/cpu/mobo, and the cooler/ fans im planning to buy:


MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC

R7 Ryzen 3700x

Case: https://www.coolermaster.com/catalog/cases/mid-tower/mastercase-h500p-mesh-white/

CPU Cooler: https://www.mindfactory.de/product_info.php/Alpenfoehn-EKL-Brocken-3-White-Edition-CPU-Kuehler-2x140mm_1274281.html

2x Front: https://www.mindfactory.de/product_info.php/BitFenix-Spectre-Pro-RGB-Luefter-200mm_1217518.html

i just wanna know if these would fit / work in my case. im pretty sure they should, but im just gonna ask to be sure. the links are in german but basically, the CPU cooler has 2x 140mm fans and a 230w TDP.


and now my second question: the exhaust fan(s). can i get away with 1 fan? or should i also buy one for the top?

also, would it be possible to remove one of the 140mm fans from the cooler, and use that one as exhaust?


if not, im thinking about buying be quiet silent wings 3 , or highspeed version.  normal silent wings = 1000 rpm max, high speed verison = 1600 rpm max. i know its black but i might make an exception for the exhaust fans.


i want QUIET good fans. i want to run them at 100% speed.  the CPU fans also only run at 1000 rpm max, so a silent wings 3 fan might be a perfect fit. but again, im thinking about using one of the CPU fans as an exhaust fan. but then i dont have anyhting for top exhaust. but im not even sure if i need top exhaust.


so what do you guys think?

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Noiseblocker if you can afford it.

If not, take a look at fractal design they have some decent white fans.

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