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RX 590 Issues?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi everyone,


This is my first post on here so I apologize if I've posted in the wrong area. I just picked up a XFX RX 590 for my first build. I've already tested the system using an older Nvidia GT 610 and everything seems to be as it should. I removed the old drivers and card and installed the 590. At this point when I turn the system on it flashed a cpu debug, powered off, turned on, flashed a vga debug, powered off, turned on, and finally displayed a blank screen with the vga debug light on.


Next I removed the RX 590 and reinstalled the GT 610 with drivers. I hit the power button and got a different set of debug lights. The sytstem turned on, flashed the cpu debug light, powered off, turned on, flashed a vga debug light for approximately 10 seconds and then the system proceeded to boot normally.


Next I tried installing the RX 590 into my first PCI-E and the GT 610 into the second. I connected the HDMI to the GT 610 and hit the power button. I got a DRAM debug light, it powered off, turned back on, flashed a vga debug light and proceeded to post. I then checked my Bios to see if the RX 590 was being detected in the first PCI-E slot and it show that the slot is empty, however the power led's are blue so it should be receiving power. So far I haven't gotten any fan spin out of the RX 590.


This is as far as I've gotten and I'm currently using the PC to type this up.


I am attempting to install on a MSI b450m Mortar with a Ryzen 7 2700x, 16gb Kingston 3333mhz ddr4, Corsair H115i pro rgb 280mm AIO cooler, WD black SN750 250gb, and 500gb, WD black 1tb HDD, powered by a Corsair HX750 80+ platinum fully modular psu.

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