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I hate Android MTP so much

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Android is great and I love it. But that god damned MTP must be the dumbest technology ever created by human. Absolutely retarded.

Do newer android devices have something better? I wish they do. Because I'm still rocking a fucking 7.0 phone, it has MTP and fuck that shit to hell. 


So I was just connecting my phone to PC, browsing my storage casually to copy some photos. Then I saw an empty folder called 'sdcard'. OK it must be a leftover folder from a random app.

I opened it and confirmed it was really empty, selected and delete. Wait, why it's so slow to delete an empty directory?

Fucking hell I was deleting my whole internal storage! Yeah, the whole internal storage appeared as an empty ghost folder. Nice one MTP! 


Sigh, have to use adb from now on. Back to the command line age.

Sorry for ranting.

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You cant just dismount your internal storage thats why MTP has to exist, I agree its slow and most of the times acting all weird for me too but still, we got no choice.

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Informative but better posted as a Status Update.

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