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Changing passive subwoofer to active! - Does this one work?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I have a passive subwoofer that I want to connect to my 'Denon avr x1400h' that use a subwoofer pre-out!

Will this subwoofer switch change my passive subwoofer to a active subwoofer which i can connect to my denon avr?

Thanks in advance guys! :)

Everything Digital

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A passive subwoofer is unpowered, it needs an external power amplifier to work. An active subwoofer has it's own built-in power amplifier. As you've got a passive sub, you need to put an amplifier in between the pre-out on the receiver and the input of your sub. I suspect you may have thought the device you linked to is an amplifier, while it is actually a crossover, which won't do it.


(nb a crossover is a device that only lets a certain frequency range pass through, (I prefer the term "scheidingsfilter" because it's descriptive) it's often used for subwoofers to cut out higher frequencies. Eg the crossover only allows for the sub to be powered by <150 Hz signals, so that the sub won't play the higher frequency sounds. However, your Denon avr receiver appears to have this feature built in, meaning the pre-out already outputs the appropriate freq range so I don't think you need that thing.)

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