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USB C 3.0 Hub HELP! :)

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Posted · Original PosterOP


So, I have this Laptop, The Xiaomi Pro Book. 

I'm needing a USB hub, or otherwise, that enables me to have 2 displays and USB 3.0 ports as-well as charging the laptop through one.

The laptop has 2 C ports, and I'm struggling to understand the bandwidth of 3.0 and what I can and cannot do.


Appreciate the help!

Samuel Edwards

- IT Engineer and Media Producer -

Religious theology diploma and over half a dozen certificates in Advanced Computing and IT.

Current Project:   Mineral Oil Cooled PC

Just trying to be friendly and help where I can. Have yourself a great day!

Use @SamuelJE for friendly tech help :)




Main PC - "The Genesis"

Mobo   -   Gigabyte GA-H170-Gaming 3

CPU     -   intel i5-6600K 4Ghz on water

GPU     -   MSI GTX970 "Red Dragon"

Case    -   Zalman Z11 Plus (Custom RGB Obviously, It's 2017 bro...)

OSD     -   Crucial 275GB M.2 SSD

SSD     -   Crucial 250GB SATA SSD

HDD    -    4TB WD Green x 2

Disp     -   LG ultra wide Gaming Monitor


Secondary PC - "Jonah"   (Mineral oil PC)

Mobo   -   Gigabyte GA-B250-DH1

CPU     -   intel i5-7500 Under Oil

GPU     -   Nvidia GTX 660 (Favorite and first ever GPU)

Case    -   A Fish Tank W/ Custom Engineered Mounting System (Custom RGB Obviously, It's 2017 bro...)

OSD     -   Crucial 275GB M.2 SSD

HDD    -    2TB WD Green

Disp     -   LG ultra wide Gaming Monitor



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